During the 13th century, it was believed that West Africa was a place of untold magic, full of mythical beasts talking animals, and great heroes. But it was the great kingdom of Awu where the plight of Koni brought to light the true magic of West Africa. Koni was a tortured man with no memories of his past. Plagued by a strange curse that forces him to see the spirits of the dead, specifically those who have suffered violent deaths, he spends much of his time wandering Awu, exacting vengeance on behalf of the spirits that haunt him.

About the artists 

Writer: Olufikayo (Ziki) Adeola

Artists: Carlos Montenegro & Rosini Crezyel

Colorists: Cristina Alvarez & Carlos Montenegro

Letterers: Carlos Montenegro & Ashe de Souza

Editor: Laura Leung-How

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Number of pages: 61