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African Comics Starter Pack African Comics Starter Pack
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African Comics Starter Pack

The ultimate starter kit for getting into African comics! Contains all our standalone printed titles.  This bundle includes: Lake of Tears (12+) Nani Vol. 1 (12+) Oro (16+) Ukpang (16+)...
$49.00 $37.00
Digital Mega Bundle Digital Mega Bundle
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Digital Mega Bundle

The BIGGEST bundle, and the BEST! EVERY COMIC IN THE KUGALI LINEUP! If you love African comics and don't want to miss out, then this is the bundle for you –...
$162.00 $78.00
The Ultimate Kid Bundle The Ultimate Kid Bundle
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The Ultimate Kid Bundle

This bundle is full of adventure, superheroes and fantasy worlds – everything a kid could want, all told through the lens of African folk tales and fiction! Excitement and mystery await within!  This bundle includes:...
$81.00 $61.00
Best of Raki (16+) Best of Raki (16+)
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Best of Raki (16+)

The best comics for the mature readers! Two printed, shipped comics and two digital issues to go alongside; demons, martial arts, evil gods and monkey meat await !  This bundle...
$35.00 $27.00