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African Comics Starter Pack African Comics Starter Pack
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African Comics Starter Pack

The ultimate starter kit for getting into African comics! Contains all our standalone printed titles.  This bundle includes: Lake of Tears (12+) Nani Vol. 1 (12+) Oro (16+) Ukpang (16+)...
$49.00 $37.00
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Nani Volume 1

Mina is a young martial artist struggling to recover from a childhood trauma. One day, a group of kidnappers attempt to abduct her and her sister Lamin. The girls flee...
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The son of the Nigerian Ambassador to Japan, Tunji, is thrust into a world of chaos when he has his old life taken from him one fateful night. He now...
The Ultimate Kid Bundle The Ultimate Kid Bundle
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The Ultimate Kid Bundle

This bundle is full of adventure, superheroes and fantasy worlds – everything a kid could want, all told through the lens of African folk tales and fiction! Excitement and mystery await within!  This bundle includes:...
$81.00 $61.00