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Action and Adventure

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 Mumu Juju Pt 2
From bean hungry zombies to Goliath sized ogres, join Mortar and Pestle as they smash their way through thrilling adventures.

Taboo: The Night Taxi
Taboo is a collection of urban myths and horror stories inspired by your favorite Nigerian folktales.

Oro Pt 1
A prince is born disfigured and abandoned in the forest. Raised by the creatures of the night and the spirits that roam the wilderness, nobody knows what Oro is: aberration or god? While protecting the very kingdom that rejected him, he discovers a bigger purpose.

Monkey Meat Pt 1
The citizens of the city of Ktu live in fear. Every day, more and more of them are abducted by strange creatures who drag them underground and into the depths of the city... Too bad the only one who can help is a brainless boy obsessed with eating canned monkey meat.

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