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Mumu Juju Pt 1

From bean hungry zombies to Goliath sized ogres, join Mortar and Pestle as they smash their way through thrilling adventures.

Taboo: A date with Death

Taboo is a collection of urban myths and horror stories inspired by Nigerian folktales.

Lake of Tears 2: Ghosts in a Shell

In award winning, LOT, Abu, a former child slave, develops magical abilities ,and vows to use his new found strength to exact justice, after being left for dead for defying his master.

Nani Pt2

When Mina and her sister, are almost abducted, she fears a repeat of the past. The girls flee into the forest but are soon transported to the magical world of Dama, a parallel world rife with magic, mythical creatures and beings inspired by African myths and legends.

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