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Lake of Tears Part 1

In award winning, LOT, Abu, a former child slave, develops magical abilities and vows to use his new found strength to exact justice, after being left for dead for defying his master. 


Ndaw is a classic example of African folk tales. In the middle of a mystical Savannah, a little djinne finds himself trapped in the lair of a dangerous witch. He’ll have to partner up with an unlikely ally to overcome her black magic.

Nani pt 1

When Mina and her sister, are almost abducted, she fears a repeat of the past. The girls flee into the forest but are soon transported to the magical world of Dama, a parallel world rife with magic, mythical creatures and beings inspired by African myths and legends.

Razorman Issues 1-3

Dive into the world of Razor-Man, where science, the supernatural, and death are the keys to survival in a corrupt city. Find out who is pulling the strings as we uncover the fate of the city of Harare.

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