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Adult Fantasy

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Lake of Tears Part 1

In this award winning comic Abu, a former child slave, develops magical abilities after being left for dead for defying his master. He vows to use his new found strength to exact justice. 


Ndaw is a classic example of an African folktale. In the middle of a mystical Savannah, a little djinne finds himself trapped in the lair of a dangerous witch. He’ll have to partner up with an unlikely ally to overcome her black magic.

Nani pt 1

When Mina and her sister narrowly escape an abduction by fleeing into the forest, they are transported to Dama, If they are going to stand any chance of making it home, they must figure out how to navigate a parallel world rife with magic and mythical creatures inspired by African folktales and legends.

Razorman Issues 1-3

Dive into the world of Razor-Man, where science, the supernatural, and death are the keys to survival in a corrupt city. Find out who is pulling the strings, as the fate of the city of Harare unravels before our hero.

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