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Mina is a young martial artist struggling to recover from a childhood trauma, but history begins to repeat itself when she and her younger sister Lamin are kidnapped. Fleeing into the forest, a mysterious power awakens within Mina when she needs it them most, transporting herself, her sister, and their kidnappers to the magical world of Dama. Now, stuck in a parallel world rife with magic, mythical creatures and otherworldly beings inspired by African myths and legends, Mina will do anything to keep her family safe.

Lake of Tears 
Lake of Tears is a story of captivity and redemption told through the eyes of three teenagers tied together by circumstance, as they fight to save their family and friends from a life of servitude. It is an ode to the plight of many children who are trafficked and forced to work in Ghana’s hazardous inland fishing industry.

Mumu Juju
Our heroes Mortar and Pestle go on various quests for magical items in the spirit world as they work to pay off their debt to a deity called Kenga. From bean hungry zombies to Goliath sized ogres, join our jolly heroes as they smash their way through thrilling adventures! 

Monkey Meat  
The citizens of the city of Ktu live in fear. Every day, more and more of them are abducted by strange creatures who drag them underground and into the depths of the city... Too bad the only one who can help is a brainless boy obsessed with eating canned monkey meat.

A prince is born disfigured and abandoned in the forest. Raised by creatures and spirits, nobody knows what Oro is: aberration or god? While protecting the very kingdom that rejected him, he discovers a bigger purpose.

Ndaw is a story that encapsulates the spirit of African folk tales. In the middle of a mystical Savannah, a little djinne (a supernatural creator) finds himself trapped in the lair of a dangerous witch. He’ll have to partner up with an unlikely ally to overcome her black magic, and escape.

During the 13th century, it was believed that West Africa was a place of untold magic, full of mythical beasts talking animals, and great heroes. But it was the great kingdom of Awu where the plight of Koni brought to light the true magic of West Africa. Koni was a tortured man with no memories of his past. Plagued by a strange curse that forces him to see the spirits of the dead, specifically those who have suffered violent deaths, he spends much of his time wandering Awu, exacting vengeance on behalf of the spirits that haunt him

Raised in an orphanage, 17 years old Enobong Akpan is plagued with a chain of misfortunes which haunts her right from her childhood. She confronts her challenges with defiant curiosity but her true spiritual origin is yet to unravel. Unsure of her spirituality Eno plays a juggling act between being human and spirit. Hence an endless struggle with villains from the spirit realm who are bent on disrupting the normal life she craves.
JINX is a story of self discovery shared in a world of fantasy and adventure.

In a distant solar system, an advanced civilization of Mukhmenu must save their home planet, Kadumiya, from malevolent reptilians who seek to conquer their species.

Mill City's Finest
Mill City’s Finest is a fictional action-drama about the life of a first-gen African-American Superhero. The world is inhabited by The uncontainable: super-powered humans infused with energies from another dimension. Liberia is suffering from a civil war led by warlord Jango No Mercy. During a recent attack on a small village, the Weah family lose their son Derik to Jango and his rebels. The father, Togar, decides to return to a secret society he fled many years ago to seek help.

New Born Saga
The Newborn saga is an epic fantasy series set in ancient Africa. Long ago a great ancient EVIL sort to engulf Creation. The celestial council came together and created a solution to this uprising. They created the NEWBORN spirits. Pure in heart and noble in the cause of regaining balance in the realms of existence. They vanquished the evil threat and banished it to eternal darkness. millenniums have passed and a curse EONS old is set in motion to unleash terror once more

Based on an African Folk Tale, Olwatuuka follows a young boy who ventures into the underworld to destroy a demon that has terrorized the world and killed his family. The story unfolds to reveal the immense drama, action, and comedy as the world’s youngest hero tries to put an end to it all.

Osita and his friend Kola find themselves at the mercy of ruthless ritual killers on their journey back from their national youth service year. Osita's dark secret may very well be their only option

Dive into the world of Razor-Man, where science, the supernatural, and death are the keys to survival in a corrupt city. Find out who is pulling the strings as we uncover the fate of the city of Harare.

The son of the Nigerian Ambassador to Japan, Tunji, is thrust into a world of chaos when he has his old life taken from him one fateful night. He now follows the path of the sword laid out before him by his instructor and teacher, Koenma. Gripped with a new purpose, Tunji returns to his mother country, Nigeria, where his painful past resurfaces.

A prophecy begins a war that seeks to bring an end to the rapid technological advancement of all sentient life in the known universe. This sci-fi epic with magical swords was originally published manga style by Comic Bandit Press, but this new fully coloured Deluxe Edition is one of our featured comics.

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