This bundle is full of adventure, superheroes and fantasy worlds – everything a kid could want, all told through the lens of African folk tales and fiction! Excitement and mystery await within! 

This bundle includes:
- 2 fulll color printed comics: Nani (12+) & Lake of Tears (12+)
- 6 full color digital comics: Kugali Anthology ( Standard edition) Vol. 1 & 2 (12+), Mill City's Finest (12+), Mumu Juju (12+), Razor-man Vol 1 & 2 (12+)


Lake of Tears is a story of captivity and redemption told through the eyes of three teenagers who meet on the Lake Volta. It is an ode to the plight of many children who are trafficked and forced to work in Ghana’s hazardous inland fishing industry.

Nani- Mina is a young martial artist struggling to recover from a childhood trauma. One day, a group of kidnappers attempt to abduct her and her sister Lamin. The girls flee into the forest but soon find themselves transported to the magical world of Sama, a parallel world rife with magic, mythical creatures and beings inspired by African myths and legends.

Kugali Anthology Standard edition  - A 160+ page comic collection that combines the best of African Art and Storytelling.

Mill City’s Finest is a fictional action-drama about the life of a first-gen African-American Superhero. The world is inhabited by The uncontainable: super-powered humans infused with energies from another dimension. Liberia is suffering from a civil war led by warlord Jango No Mercy. During a recent attack on a small village, the Weah family lose their son Derik to Jango and his rebels. The father, Togar, decides to return to a secret society he fled many years ago to seek help.

Mumu Juju-  Our heroes must go on various quests for magical items in the spirit world as they work to pay off their debt to a deity called Kenga. From bean hungry zombies to Goliath sized ogres, join Mortar and Pestle as they smash their way through thrilling adventures.

Razor-ManDive into the world of Razor-Man, where science, the supernatural, and death are the keys to survival in a corrupt city. Find out who is pulling the strings as we uncover the fate of the city of Harare.

About the artist

Lake of Tears 

Story: Kobe Ofei

Art: Setor Fiadzigbey


Story: Ziki Nelson

Artwork: Jasonas Lamy


Mill City's Finest

Story : Samuel Stevquoah

Art: Fairaz Eraz & Satria Wahyu

Mumu Juju 

Story & Art: Etubi Onucheyo 


Story & Art: Bill Masuku 

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