The best comics for the mature readers! Two printed, shipped comics and two digital issues to go alongside; demons, martial arts, evil gods and monkey meat await ! 

This bundle includes:

  • Two full color printed comics: Oro (12+) and Ukpang (12+)
  • Two full color digital comics: Iku (16+) and Monkey Meat Nutritious Collection (16+)

Oro- A prince is born disfigured and abandoned in the forest. Raised by creatures and spirits, nobody knows what Oro is: aberration or god? While protecting the very kingdom that rejected him, he discovers a bigger purpose.

UkpangThe son of the Nigerian Ambassador to Japan, Tunji, is thrust into a world of chaos when he has his old life taken from him one fateful night. He now follows the path of the sword laid out before him by his instructor and teacher, Koenma. Gripped with a new purpose, Tunji returns to his mother country, Nigeria, where his painful past resurfaces.

IkuDuring the 13th century, it was believed that West Africa was a place of untold magic, full of mythical beasts talking animals, and great heroes. But it was the great kingdom of Awu where the plight of Koni brought to light the true magic of West Africa. Koni was a tortured man with no memories of his past. Plagued by a strange curse that forces him to see the spirits of the dead, specifically those who have suffered violent deaths, he spends much of his time wandering Awu, exacting vengeance on behalf of the spirits that haunt him.

Monkey Meat Nutritious CollectionThe citizens of the city of Ktu live in fear. Every day, more and more of them are abducted by strange creatures who drag them underground and into the depths of the city. Too bad the only one who can help is a brainless boy obsessed with eating canned monkey meat. The collection includes two short stories set in the same universe: Monkey Meat Island and Safari 

About the artists


Story: Hafeez Oluwa     Art: Gbenle Maverick


Story: Ukan Idagbo     Art: Ogim G.E.


Story: Olufikayo (Ziki) Adeola    Art: Carlos Montenegro & Rosini Crezyel

Monkey Meat 

Story & Art: Juni Ba