The ultimate starter kit for getting into African comics! Contains all our standalone printed titles. 

This bundle includes:

  • Lake of Tears (12+)
  • Nani Vol. 1 (12+)
  • Oro (16+)
  • Ukpang (16+)

Lake of Tears is a story of captivity and redemption told through the eyes of three teenagers who meet on the Lake Volta. It is an ode to the plight of many children who are trafficked and forced to work in Ghana’s hazardous inland fishing industry.

Nani- Mina is a young martial artist struggling to recover from a childhood trauma. One day, a group of kidnappers attempt to abduct her and her sister Lamin. The girls flee into the forest but soon find themselves transported to the magical world of Sama, a parallel world rife with magic, mythical creatures and beings inspired by African myths and legends.

Oro- A prince is born disfigured and abandoned in the forest. Raised by creatures and spirits, nobody knows what Oro is: aberration or god? While protecting the very kingdom that rejected him, he discovers a bigger purpose.

Ukpang- The son of the Nigerian Ambassador to Japan, Tunji, is thrust into a world of chaos when he has his old life taken from him one fateful night. He now follows the path of the sword laid out before him by his instructor and teacher, Koenma. Gripped with a new purpose, Tunji returns to his mother country, Nigeria, where his painful past resurfaces.

About the artists

Lake of Tears

Story: Kobe Ofei     Art: Setor Fiadzigbey


Story: Olufikayo (Ziki) Adeola     Art: Jason Lamy


Story: Hafeez Oluwa     Art: Gbenle Maverick


Story: Ukan Idagbo     Art: Ogim G.E.