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Mani Kongo: The legend that made the King: Lukeni before the Kongo Kingdom.

Based on the life of the historical founder of the ancient Kingdom of Kongo. Originally a young and poor fisherman, Lukeni discovers inborn powers that will change not only his destiny but that of an entire nation.

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Creator Commentary:

With “Mani Kongo”, our goal is to reveal parts of unknown histories in the African continent. We decided to start with the Kingdom of Kongo due to its bright cultural richness but also because it has been one of the most forgotten civilizations in the world.

We begin with its founder, King Nimi a Lukeni. A man whose accomplishments still remain barely known by scholars and even by Kongo people.

We decided to take a step further into knowing this man and, with him, an entire sub-Saharan culture through images and narration that will create incentives to find more about the ancient Kongo culture.

But it doesn’t stop there: knowing the tight connection between Kongo and America, descendants of African-American origins can now be inspired and have part of their ancient history in books and maybe one day on the big screen.

Creative Team:

Wilson Mbiavanga: (Creator, Writer, Colorist)

Born in Luanda (Angola), Wilson is an award winning Director and Screenwriter. His short film, “5 Minutes,” which was released in 2012 was selected at NYLA Film Festival, Williamsburg International Film Festival and much more. Mbiavanga has also won awards at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, the American Movie Awards and much more. In 2015, his first novel “Le Reve de Lucine” was published.

Sheryl Chieng: (Illustrator, Formatting)

An independent full-time illustrator, graphic designer and fashion designer. Sheryl is an AI and Photoshop professional specialized in traditional and digital paintings while creating wearable keepsakes, microcosms of memories that can be kept close to the costumer’s needs.

  • Price $30
  • Listing categories African Mythology
  • Story Wilson MBiavanga
  • Art Sheryl Chieng
  • Number of Issues 1 book

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