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Raised in an orphanage, 17 years old Enobong Akpan is plagued with a chain of misfortunes which haunts her right from her childhood. She confronts her challenges with defiant curiosity but her true spiritual origin is yet to unravel. Unsure of her spirituality Eno plays a juggling act between being human and spirit. Hence an endless struggle with villains from the spirit realm who are bent on disrupting the normal life she craves.

JINX is a story of self discovery shared in a world of fantasy and adventure.


  • Ziki

    Rating: 4 / 5

    The subject matter of this story is extremely compelling. After all, it's not often we get to learn about the plight of young women in contemporary Africa. The way the story is written you really feel for the protagonist and the most heartbreaking thing is that you realise that there are probably thousands of people like her.


    The landscape orientation threw me off at times. Also, I think there a bit of room for improvement with regards to the dialogue.

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