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Flesh of White: Rehema’s life filled with joy on the day her first child was born. She and her husband, Idi, named the boy Kwasi. He was their hope for the future and their greatest dream come true. He was also born with albinism.

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Albinism brings with it a variety of medical concerns, but, in this region of Tanzania, the threat to people with albinism is more immediate. Witch Doctors and those who believe in their trade view these people as a magical component. The fisherman uses the hair from individuals with albinism on their lures, to encourage fish to take the bait. Both adults and small children are encouraged to fear those with albinism. They come to view them as something less than human. They call them “ghosts.”

Rehema and Idi live in a small and tight-knit community where they believe that their son is safe. When outsiders learn of the infant’s existence, word filters back to a local Witch Doctor. Rehema and Idi must take extreme action to keep Kwasi safe as The Doctor and his Harvester comes for the infant’s white flesh.

Flesh of White (The History):

While Flesh of White is a supernatural horror story emphasizing the bond between parent and child, the core of the story is rooted in real events that continue to occur in Kenya and Tanzania. “Ghosts” are mutilated and killed so that their body parts can be used in spells. The local governments continue to enact legislation to protect persons with albinism, but law enforcement in villages and small communities is difficult. Only through increased awareness can we hope to see these tragedies come to an end.

Flesh of White will explore the frame of mind that comes with the dehumanization of individuals with albinism and the superstitions that have become a part of local folklore. It will also explore the deep emotional connection between parents and their children and the struggle to let go of the people you love.

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