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5 Comics and Video Games To Get This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. If you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, don’t worry. You wouldn’t be the first and anyway, Kugali has your back. Firstly, a formal apology for our limited posting on games recently. I introduced…

Book List: Speculative Fiction

The Tao of Otaku Podcast has composed this list from books that have captured to some degree the essence of the Black experience. Of course Afro Caribbean culture is so vast and diverse therefore, we have also attempted to emulate…

Episode 27: No exposition!

Episode 9: Afro Gamer

The Video-Game Wizard takes us through the African Gaming scene where we explore some of the best (and worst) games coming out of Africa, but first, we take you on a short tour on what’s new in movies, TV and…

Bonus Episode: Packtology Sequel

Part 2 of our interview with Paul Louise-Julie, the creator of The Pack comics.

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