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Category: TV

Why Do Comics Treat Death like Pimples?

Episode 53: The Long Kiss Goodbye

Episode 49: Black and Beautiful

Episode 48: The Prodigal Son Returns

LeSean Thomas teams up with Crunchyroll to create new series Children of Ether

Yesterday at the New York Comic Con, Crunchyroll announced a surprise guest during their industry panel. It was none other than LeSean Thomas, a seasoned animation director that has worked on cartoons such as Black Dynamite, The Boondocks and The…

Episode 36: Jongo

Review: Jongo TV Series

      The world’s first African Superhero TV Show is here, and it’s a good start. Jongo is a love letter to African superhero and Sci-fi fans. It’s made of good ideas but the terrible acting keeps it from being great.…

Why we should be talking about Africa’s first Superhero TV Show

       Jongo, Africa’s First Superhero TV Show, just finished its debut run on TV. People all over Africa could watch it on BET. Was it a great show? Did it fall short of expectations? Jongo is the brainchild…

Episode 23: Don’t Call Me Julie

Episode 21: History and Kung Fu

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