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Category: Video Games

The Health Benefits of Gaming

If anyone told you that gaming can be good for your mental health, what would you say? It is said over and over again that gaming and new technologies are largely responsible for loneliness and isolation as well as lack…

Episode 57: Tropes and Hopes

Video Games with Black Women as the lead character

Finding a video game that has an African or a person of African descent as the main character is a difficult task, but we’ve already done that for you on our media library. This blog post goes a step further.…

African Fantasy Game Aurion getting Hollywood Movie Adaptation

The African fantasy role-playing game Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is getting a Hollywood movie adaptation by Good Fear Film. Chris Bender and Jake Weiner, the founders of Good Fear Films, announced the movie in a statement released to The Hollywood…

Five Indie Developers to Watch out for

1) The Game Bakers An awesome indie games studio based in Montpellier, France. The Game Bakers are actually situated atop a bakery, hence the name. Despite being independent, these guys have developed several world class games such as Combo Crew,the…

Five Video Games set in Africa you can play Right Now!

It wasn’t long ago that gaming and Africa were two words you would almost never see in the same sentence. Fortunately that trend is now a thing of the past with the gaming industry in across Africa beginning to grow at…

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