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Category: Animation

Episode 59: Dawn of Thunder

Episode 55: Afrimation

Episode 53: The Long Kiss Goodbye

LeSean Thomas teams up with Crunchyroll to create new series Children of Ether

Yesterday at the New York Comic Con, Crunchyroll announced a surprise guest during their industry panel. It was none other than LeSean Thomas, a seasoned animation director that has worked on cartoons such as Black Dynamite, The Boondocks and The…

Black manga/anime characters we love

As fans of Japanese anime and manga, we decided to compile a list of some of the more interesting manga and anime characters of color. Chances are you’ve noticed that characters with dark skin hardly ever show up or are…

Africa’s Best Showing at Annecy to Date

We’re only just about halfway through 2016 and already it looks like this could be the best year in the history of African animation. Much of this success has been spearheaded Triggerfish Animation Studios, a Cape Town-based film and entertainment…

Triggerfish releases Mike Scott’s ‘A Dogshow with Cat,’ a South African animation short backed by Disney

Today, Triggerfish Animation Studios released A Dogshow with Cat, a South African animation short licensed by The Walt Disney Company. A Dogshow with Cat is the first animation to be released following last year’s Triggerfish Story Lab, an initiative designed…

Manga Reimagined through a darker Lens

If you’re a fan of Japanese anime and manga chances are you’ve noticed that characters with dark skin hardly ever show up. Even when they do they are often portrayed as criminals or slaves (not to dissimilar to hollywood actually).

6 Animated Projects We’re Looking Forward To in 2016

Cannon Busters In the world of Gearbolt magic is now extinct and it’s inhabitants have turned to science and technology to further their civilisation. With the Kingdom now defenceless against magic, a mysterious sorcerer known as Locke attacks and seizes control of…

Episode 22: He’s White

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