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Category: African Mythology

Episode 59: Dawn of Thunder

What to expect from the Midas Monkee Expo

Midas Monkee, one of the most prominent studios telling African fantasy tales in America, has just announced a 5 day event called the Midas Monkee Expo. This will run from the 10th to the 14th of February, 2017. Midas Monkee…

Episode 52: Urban Design Kings

Episode 50: Vortex Inc

Episode 47: Throne of Gods

Episode 46: Make Egypt Great Again!

Episode 45: Milton Davis

Five Kick Ass Female Warriors from African History

Across the majority of cultures around the world it seems that the most famous warriors from history tend to be male. However, African history is very unique because there seems to be some level of parity when it comes to…

From Olympus to Ife

I don’t think I can remember a year gone by where there wasn’t at least one film (if not 2 or 3) film released that was inspired by Greco-Roman Mythology. In fact I think that this trend goes beyond film…

Five Mythical African Creatures You Probably Haven’t Heard of

1) The Eloko A dwarf-like creature that lives in the forest. They are believed to be malevolent spirits of the dead with a grudge to settle against the living. A typical Eloko tale goes as follows: A hunter and his wife found themselves…

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