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The Magickal project

Carbon-AR has teamed up with an amazing group of Black Artist to produce a special series of images with our combs.  Our goal with these pieces is to represent how Black folks tap their imagination to be MORE than “human.”

The idea of grooming is to make one’s self look as imagined or desired; by implication, we want to show transformation into the step beyond-the MAGICKAL aspect of looking and being Black, the looks, the culture and the appeal.

For this mission we have called upon the talents of Micah BlackLight (Polo, BlackSnow), Shawna Mills (ILM, Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network), The One Will Focus (Puma, AT&T, Target), Mark Samuels (Draughtsman/Henna Threads), John Jennings (Harvard, Black Kirby, BCAF)

  • Artists Micah BlackLight, Shawna Mills, John Jennings, Mark "Draughtsman" Samuels, Will Focus
  • King Eziquiel

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Amazing! What I especially like is the fusion of psychedelic art, science fiction elements, and traditional black aesthetics.

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